Faculty Led International Program

ACES faculty is active in providing students international experience through FLiP. Following are some of the faculty who are leading through the FLiP within the past years.

Dr. Scott Bundy, Professor, Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science Entomology, Plant Pathology, Weed Science, as part of the FLiP, has led students to Belize 3 times (2009- 7 students, 2014- 12, and 2016- 10). He has also led a FLiP based trip to Peru in 2017 (11 students). In both countries the biodiversity of insects in a variety of habitats was explored.

Dr. John Campbell, College Asst. Prof., Animal and Range Sciences has led students to visit New Zealand and Ireland for two weeks as part of the FLiP. He is planning another trip to either Australia or Scotland in 2019

Dr. Bryce Jorgensen, Assistant Professor, Extension Family and Consumer Sciences have led students to visit Switzerland and Australia as part of the FLiP.

Dr. Betsey Stringam, Professor, School of Hotel Tourism and Restaurant, as part of the FLiP, is planning a trip to Italy during the summer of 2018. Faculty from HRTM have taken students abroad as part of FLiP for at least past 10 years.

Dr. Martha Desmond, Regents Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, is taking four graduate students to Aruba in November 2018- as part of a class (similar to FLiP) they are assisting with the development of baseline surveys of two key declining bird species. This program is dealing with the conservation and management of island endemic species. She is also been working with the University of Aruba to develop some long-term partnerships.

ACES group FliP program
Dr. John Campbell
Dr Campbell group
Dr. John Campbell
ANRS students on international trip.
Dr. John Campbell
Dr. Jorgensen with students on international trip
Dr. Bryce Jorgensen