uruguay NMSU partnership
Ing. Martin Do Carmo, an instructor at UNDELAR and Dr. Cibils collaborator

Universidad de la Republica (UDELAR), Uruguay Collaboration

NMSU - Universidad de la Republica (UDELAR), Uruguay Collaboration
NMSU Lead : Dr. Andres Cibils
UDELAR lead: Dr. Pablo Soca (Facultad de Agronomía)

Dr. Cibils, Professor Animal and Range Sciences was invited to visit Universidad de la Republica (UDELAR), Uruguay in May 2018. During the visit, he interacted with Dr. Soca's group and have agreed to co-advise one of the doctoral students at UDELAR. EDELAR has expressed interest in a graduate and undergraduate student and faculty exchange program.

The emphasis of this program will be on rangeland-based beef production.

This is an emerging opportunity and an MOU will be initiated between the two Institutions.

Picture captions:

Mongolia 1: Small ruminants grazing at one of research sites on the valley of the Tamir river.

Mongolia 2: Sam and I with a group of MULS faculty and Swiss Development Corporation officers.

Mongolia 3: Sam and I with the group of MULS faculty and students who worked in the field this summer.

NMSU-Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS)

NMSU Leads: Drs. Andres Cibils and Sam Fernald
MULS Lead: Dr. Baigal Amar-Tuulaikhuu

A MOU between NMSU and MULS was signed last July. As a result, a joint pilot project on riparian area management in Mongolia will begin this summer. This project is funded by the Swiss Development Corporation through a grant to MULS. NMSU faculty will collaborate with MULS faculty to train MULS students and provide experiential learning opportunities. We anticipate opportunities for NMSU undergraduate and graduate students to become involved.